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From the first days of our Republic, America's security has depended on the clarity of the message: Don't tread on us. A firm and commensurate response was essential to protect our sovereignty, to send a message to those who engage in state-sponsored terrorism, to deter further violence against our people, and to affirm the expectation of civilized behavior among nations.

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Barack Obama and Socialism
I am sure that Barack Obama is a very nice person. What scares me about Barack is what scares me about all people that wish to use the government to spread “shared prosperity” throughout America. A person without power is a completely different person with power. Also, the people that he will surround himself with, if he should become President, are quite possibly not as nice as he would be. The thing that scares me the most about Barack is that I believe he is a socialist. There is no more dangerous person on the planet than a socialist who believes he or she knows how society should be organized and is given the power to do so. He or she will become corrupted and will compromise because after all, the ends justify the means. That is the lesson that history has taught us about socialism. From Mao to Lenin to Stalin to Hitler to Pol Pot to Castro, all have taught us amply well that socialists often do horrific things while pursuing their goals of “shared prosperity” for all. Another thing that disturbs me about Barack is his ability to squirm out of seemingly tarnishing situations with an arrogance of “How dare someone question my character or my beliefs?” He turns the accusations around on the accuser in a silky smooth manner that is stunning. He appears to be such a nice man, but his socialism is what scares me.

Socialism scares me because basically it is the religion of forced expropriation of property by the elites so that it can be redistributed to others who have not earned it. It is government welfare on a wide scale. Socialism has never worked and will never work because it ignores human nature than the desire to improve oneself individually, not collectively. The terror of socialism is usually it involves a widespread use of propaganda and a limitation on civic freedoms in order to brainwash the people into believing and following. It spits upon individual freedom in the name of collective good.

I will never understand why regular voters believe politicians that declare that socialism is better than freedom. They offer the people shared prosperity. They say that everyone will have the best health care, plenty of food and necessities that everyone will prosper; yet history has shown that the most impoverished nations are those with the most oppressive governments or the socialist governments. The countries that succeed the most are the freest countries where individual liberties are respected above supposed collective rights. If Barack truly believes in “shared prosperity” then why doesn’t he give up his millions of dollars that he and his wife have stored away. Why should he live like a king, while the rest of us must struggle to pay for all the government programs he can dream of? Why should the rest of us have to struggle to become rich as he seeks to raise taxes on those who are rich? Surprisingly he defines someone who is rich as someone who makes over $250,000 a year. That isn’t rich by any stretch of the imagination. He also seeks to raise the social security tax on any income above approximately $100,000 a year. Is that rich as well? I think not. These raised taxes on the “rich” will only make it harder for those who do not have to become rich, while he and people like him who already have their fortune enjoy their fortune. It is completely disingenuous for Barack to pursue this strategy. He could start today “sharing his prosperity” without using the hammer of government to forcefully steal money from citizens who have worked for it. Barack and all socialists like him are slick in the choice of their words, but when you manage to get past the facade of it all, it all boils down the same sickly religion of socialism or the tyranny of the few over the masses. Beware of politicians like Barack who peddle socialism in all its vagaries.
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