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When more of the peopleís substance is exacted through the form of taxation than is necessary to meet the just obligations of the Government and the expense of its economical administration, such exaction becomes ruthless extortion and a violation of the fundamental principles of a free government.

ideas > Business or Government: Who is the real enemy?

Business or Government: Who is the real enemy?
Why are people so often assume that business is the enemy or cause of much that ails society and very rarely do they blame government for anything or hold government accountable for what ails society? Letís think about this for a minute. What is the sole purpose of business? To provide consumers products and services that they want while making a profit. What happens to a business if it produces something that consumers do not want? They donít make a profit and eventually go out of business. Businessís sole goal is to provide consumers something they want. If they fail to do so, they go out of business. Businesses are responsive to consumerís wants and needs by the very nature of them having to produce a profit to stay into business. What is the sole purpose of government? It depends on who you ask. Is the government responsive to consumerís needs. I would argue that government is not. Take a look at the gallop polls in 2008. The President has an approval rating hovering around 30%. Congress has an approval rating of around 20%. If these two political institutions were businesses, they would no longer be in business. But they arenít businesses. They are political organizations which by nature are not responsive to the wants and needs of the consumers. Political organizations follow the desires of the politicians or bureaucrats who run them, not the desires of the people who provide the funds to run them. Government, like we have it today, is full of thousands of people who think they know what is best for the American people and so they govern that way. It seems to matter very little whether or not they spend money well or if there is a return on the investment. The American people seem to be content with never holding the government accountable when they waste hundreds of billions of dollars on programs that do not meet their stated needs.

Business is not the enemy of the America people. Business provides all the products and services that we want and need. Government is the enemy of the American people. It takes money and wastes it, which ultimately hurts the economy and the financial well-being of those who are not rich, which is most of us. So next time you want to blame business for the economic ills of America just think who is the biggest business out with trillions of dollars of revenue and spending every year. Thatís right. Itís the government. Government is the problem with the American economy. Why? Because they donít listen to the consumers at all.
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