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From the first days of our Republic, America's security has depended on the clarity of the message: Don't tread on us. A firm and commensurate response was essential to protect our sovereignty, to send a message to those who engage in state-sponsored terrorism, to deter further violence against our people, and to affirm the expectation of civilized behavior among nations.

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Barack Obama and Al Gore... Fake Change
I watched with sadness tonight, June 16, 2008, as Al Gore and Senator Obama spoke together in Detroit Michigan. I usually get angry when I hear Senator Obama or any other liberal politician speak because it usually involves divisive speech about the rich versus the poor, business versus the people, male versus female equity, etc. I watched and listened intently to what both men had to say and marveled as the people in the audiences fawned over their words, which were basically words of increased government interference and involvement in our lives. I was sad because this country was founded on the principles of freedom from government interference and involvement to a large extent, yet has evolved into one where thousands, even millions can mindlessly yell things like “Yes we can” or “We want change.” Senator Obama offers nothing new under the sun. He offers more government involvement and interference, which means less freedom from government, in people’s lives. Yet people cheer him on, failing to understand the lessons that history have taught us, which are that prosperity comes from freedom from government, not security by government. The surest path to poverty is security by government. Why is that true? Because if government runs every aspect of your life, then what incentive do you have to work hard, work smart, or be creative.

I also found it interesting that Senator Obama specifically targeted the youth of his movement. He specifically encouraged them to get out and work hard for him. I find this interesting because this tactic is a tactic that the Marxists have used throughout history. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and many other liberal left Marxists had their special youth movements whom they manipulated often to do their dirty work. Let’s face it. The youth of today are indoctrinated at a young age in our public schools to have a liberal left belief system of lax morals and traditional values, to not be judgmental, to save the planet from big business and pollution, and on and on. So a candidate like Senator Obama is perfect for them. The youth however do not have the experience or wisdom to understand often what is good or bad for a nation, but they certainly recognize a kindred spirit in Senator Obama.

I also found it interesting that Senator Obama kept referring to having an open and honest debate about such issues as global warming. I have read several books and articles on global warming and am convinced that much of the hysteria over global warming is simply that, hysteria. Have you ever stepped backed and noticed that most of these crisis or hysteria is created by organizations on the liberal left. From the environmental movement of the 60s and 70s, to the energy crisis and our need to become energy independent in the 70s and 80s, to the global warming crisis in the 90s and now, all these movements or crisis have been born on the left. They all generally revolve around one theme. Mankind is destroying the earth through industry and business and so we have to do something now about it. But here we are decades later and mankind is still kicking. The truth is that these movements are nothing more than cleverly disguised fronts for liberal left belief systems primarily centered on Marxism and socialism. Notice how every solution must always be centered in some kind of government solution. They speak about wanting an open, honest debate about the issues, yet I have never heard of Al Gore accepting a debate on the issue of global warming. Instead, he hides behind his rhetoric finding friends in the media who espouse his liberal left leanings and are more than willing to be his mouthpiece. Let’s have some honest debate on the issues. How about Al Gore choose 3 scientists of his own choosing and pit them against 3 scientists who are global warming skeptics and let them debate on live national television. What could be more open and honest about that? How about Senator Obama chooses 3 economists who believe in government intervention as he does and pit them against 3 who are not. What could be more honest and open than that?

This brings me to my final point. Have you ever noticed how much each candidate pretends to know about so many issues? I was stunned by the so-called depth of knowledge that Senator Obama had on global warming, education, health care, economics, etc. The truth is that he only understands very basic things about each of these issues. He’s just very good and stringing phrases together that ring true for many of his supporters and a lot of America. It is easy to train an American to think he’s heard the truth just by repeating and idea over and over in the media then bringing along a politician who repeats those same ideas over and over. Does this sound familiar? Senator Obama knows very little about economics and the economy. Instead he knows much about the liberal left and its ideology. That is why he is appealing to the youth to work hard for him. They are his most important zealots. They lack the life experience to realize that most of the liberal left ideology is nothing more than smoke and mirrors and broken economic policies. Unfortunately President Bush chose to follow the same broken economic policies of the path, the policies of big government, central planning, and government interference in the economy. He squandered an opportunity of a lifetime to shrink government, instead choosing to grow government and thus provide Senator Obama the cover that he needs to present a false choice of change that really isn’t change at all. There is a third option for Americans who value freedom that is the option of less government. The only way that I know of shrinking government is to force it to shrink or take away its ability to grow. That can only be done by removing its ability to print money on demand and removing its ability to progressively tax. Look where central banking and progressive taxation have brought us. These central tenets of Marxism and socialism have brought us over $10 trillion dollars of national debt under both Republican and Democratic Congresses and Presidents. Senator Obama, Al Gore, and to some extent Senator McCain all don’t get it. They all espouse to varying degrees more government involvement. Senator Obama and Al Gore, being liberal left ideologues, espouse much more involvement than we currently have. They seek to restrict our energy use under the guise that we are destroying the planet and increase our taxes under the guise of providing us more government programs that don’t work.

This, my friends, is why I was sad as I listened to Senator Obama and Al Gore spout with fervor the principles of Marxism, socialism, progressivism and liberalism upon the stage in Michigan today. I realized then that there is a good possibility that we will end up with much more government involvement and interference in our lives than we have today. I want true change, a government that respects my private property for what it is, my private property, not the property of the government, not the property of some liberal demagogue who feels they know best what to do with my money. That, my friends, is change I can believe in. That is true change. Senator Obama offers fake change, the kind of change only a political demagogue can offer.
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