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Truth will ultimately prevail, where there are pains taken to bring it to light.

ideas > Just another rant or two

Just another rant or two
When I was 11 or 12 years old, I read about how oil was going to run out in 20 years. Well here it is 25 years later and there seems to be lots of oil still around. What happened to those predictions? Now those few enlightened who love to us about the next great catastrophe have chosen global warming as their next great pet project. They must save us from doom or so they say. I've learned enough in my 37 years to not immediately jump at the first shouts of fire. Supposedly, if we don't change our ways, in ten years we'll be swimming in Waikiki, and that's not in the ocean. Well, I suspect that these predictions are just as hyped up as the predictions that oil is running out. It's not really about global warming or oil running out. It's about the elite trying to direct and tell us what to do, what to care about, and what to think. Well, I am not buying any of it. I choose to think for myself. And not everything you see in movies is true...

Who cares about the U.N. anymore? It is irrelevant. If anything, the last few years have only exposed the U.N. for what it is... an organization that has no teeth and an organization that should never have teeth. It seems like the only thing the U.N. can do is issue meaningless resolutions even though they are often not followed. It is absolutely insane to listen over and over again at some country calling for a resolution on Iranís nuclear program, or on Israelís attacks on Lebanon... Do you think Iran really cares what the U.N. says? How is the U.N. going to enforce any resolution? It canít. It wonít. It most often doesnít. The problem with the U.N. is that it is made up of countries that do not have the same ideals, vision, or beliefs. So it canít enforce anything, because there will always be another country that says no or doesnít want to see Iran punished, or Israel punished. The United States should leave the United Nations and start another global organization composed of like-minded countries. The United Nations puts us in danger because it ties our hands, when we should be acting against Iran. Iran probably already has nuclear weapons and they are a nation run by a bunch of Islamic extremists who just might use them. We could have stopped them, but the U.N. gets in the way. It is an organization that canít act, canít think, canít figure out what to do... but hey, they certainly can issue a resolution.
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