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Those who live under arbitrary power do...approve of liberty, and wish for it; they almost despair of recovering it...Hence it is a common observation...that our cause is the cause of mankind, and that we are fighting for their liberty in defending our own. It is a glorious task assigned us by Providence; which has, I trust, given us spirit and virtue equal to it, and will at last crown it with success.

ideas > Gay marriage and rights... just some random thoughts

Gay marriage and rights... just some random thoughts
There are two ideas of thought that run through America today. There is the progressive thought which is the minority position in America. The progressive thought is constantly pushing the boundaries and the limits of traditional thought. They are pushing for gay marriage in the name of equal rights. They are pushing for more government for the sake of equality and safety. Then there is the majority position which is the traditional thought. This camp is advocating for traditional marriage. Currently, it appears that the progressive camp is winning this battle. It is difficult to counter their argument that is just a matter of equality. It might just be a matter of equality. I have my personal opinions on this matter, but I wonít share them today. The real issue in this matter is whether or not a majority of the population has the right to set what they believe to be moral limits on behavior. If they do not, which is what the progressive arguments argue, then anything goes. Then any minority position that can be advocated in terms of equality has to be allowed.

Does the minority have the right to overpower the majority every time they use the equality argument? That is really what is at issue here? If the minority can overrule the majority, then what is the purpose of even legislating or consulting with the people on what they want?

Clearly, this is not ideal. Clearly the majority of the people have the right to set limits on moral conduct whether or not a minority group argues that they just want equal rights. A line must and has to be drawn somewhere. Otherwise, there will be no line and anything will be allowed that the minority position can advocate. What is next? Marriage to animals? Marriage to objects? I know that many of the minority position will feel cheated of their equal rights and perhaps they will have been, but that is not the point. The point is that the majority has the right to set moral limits on behavior as long as they can argue that setting those limits is solely based on the protection of an individualís natural rights.

That is my initial view on this argument. I will need to think about it further, but for now, I believe it is ok to stand for something and draw a line in the sand solely because the majority says that is the way it should be. You do not need to feel like you are not fair or that you are cruel or traditional or any of the other slanderous statements the minority might call you. You are just following the time honored tradition of majority rules. You can bet your life that if the minority position were in the majority, they certainly wouldnít cede the minority position any ground and wouldnít allow heterosexual marriage to be the only legal form of marriage. They would expect the minority to follow the majority. Equality does not mean everyone has the same rights. Children do not have the same rights as parents, yet the law is not called unequal in this case. Heterosexuals have the right to marry by virtue of majority rule. Homosexuals should not have the right to marry by this same majority rules. The right to marry is not a right that all people are entitled to. It is a social right, not a natural God-given right. It is a right that society decides upon purely based on majority rules. It isnít a God-given right. If it were a God-given right, then I could understand that homosexuals would be mad. But it is a man-made right that government has assigned to heterosexuals based on the majority rules. It is a societal decision. So donít feel upset when you seek to draw the line. No group or individual has a claim of equal rights when it comes to a societal right, not a God-given right. They are two separate distinct animals and I believe that the courts and some of the States are mixing these up and in the process ignoring the will of the people.
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