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Half the harm that is done in this world is due to people who want to feel important. They don't mean to do harm-- but the harm does not interest them. Or they do not see it, or they justify it because they are absorbed in the endless struggle to think well of themselves.

ideas > Thoughts from the first two days of the Democratic National Convention

Thoughts from the first two days of the Democratic National Convention
I have listened to the Democratic National Convention speakers for the past two days and I can sum up their messages in three points.
1. Barack Obama is the key to making things better in America. He understands all of our problems and he has all the solutions.
2. President Bush and John McCain and the Republicans are at fault for all the things that are wrong with America.
3. Government is the reason that America and Americans have so many opportunities and success.
Just a cursory glance at these assertions by the Democratic Party reveals them to be either ignorant and blind or dishonest and misleading.

Just as the sun will rise tomorrow morning, the American people would get along just fine without Barack Obama or John McCain. Government of both parties has created the economic ills in America. They have created huge entitlement programs that going to be insolvent. They have fleeced Americans and wasted trillions of dollars on programs and aid that produced no return. They have created a huge class of Americans dependent upon entitlements paid for by hard-working Americans. They created the housing crisis by lowering the interest rates below a safe level thus encouraging banks to lend recklessly and then bailing out both the homeowners and the banks for their reckless behavior at the expense of hard-working taxpayers. They created the energy crisis by refusing to build more nuclear power plants and refusing to allow companies to drill for more oil on federal government land, the peopleís land. They have borrowed trillions of dollars against the future Americans to pay for programs that have not worked, yet demand more and more money to spend. What America needs is not more government which is what Barack promises to bring. America needs less government. Government is the problem, not the solution. Deep down, most Americans know this, but when will start demanding real change, not the fake Obama change of socialism. If you want socialism in all its full blown glory, then you want Obama. Obama does not understand what ills America. He is blind to that. He is either incredibly ignorant of the history and economics of socialism or big government or he is incredibly dishonest and believes in his superiority. No student of history can deny that socialism and big government always ends badly. The economy collapses. The standard of living declines. The people suffer, while the elite socialist leaders enjoy the best of the best. Show me one society that has attempted socialism that is in a good place and I will show you a lie. There isnít one. Barack Obama is no solution. He is part of the problem.

The idea that everything that ills America is the fault of the Republicans is absurd. What ills America is too much government. Big government has been set up over a period of decades, since the time of Herbert Hoover and Franklin Roosevelt. FDR gave us social security. Lyndon Johnson gave us Medicare and Medicaid. The Republicans failed to curb spending during the Reagan and Bush years. Both parties are at fault for the mess that we are in. The Democrats have been the primary drivers behind the huge entitlement programs that we are starting to see come apart. To accuse the Republicans of all the ills is dishonest, but a typical political maneuver. Blame everyone else but yourself.

Once again, the Democrats have chosen to make up their reality to fit their belief system. America was successful long before big government. The government had very little, if any debt. Taxes were low, below 2 percent. Prosperity was high as Americans enjoyed the highest standard of living in the world, and then along came the socialists who eventually were brought into the Democratic Party. Now we have record debt levels both as a government and as individuals. I donít believe this is a coincidence. Socialism brings economic ruin. Big government only benefits a few people. It benefits those who work for the government and those who benefit from the handouts. The masses are hurt by big government. The Democratic Party has shown itself to be the party of big government. Barack Obama wishes to increases taxes, to steal from those who have earned it, and give to those who have not earned it. That sounds more like communism and socialism than it does good old-fashioned American freedom. Barack speaks often about American values, but I rarely, if ever, hear him talk about freedom or liberty. Instead he speaks of security, which is a codeword for socialism.

In many ways, the Republicans have hurt themselves by not being the party of small government. They acted too much like the Democrats and look at where they are now. Despite the Republicans failings, the Democrats are not a better option. They are the party of big government, of less freedom, of more regulation, or less opportunity, of economic demise, and of socialism. Within the Republican Party lies a group of people who believe and talk of freedom and liberty. I see and hear no comparable group within the Democratic Party. They speak of security. The Democratic Party is the party of socialism. If socialism is what you want, then vote for Barack Obama. Do not be surprised if things get worse though. If there is one economic security in the world it is that socialism is always inferior to freedom. The Democratic Convention that I have seen so far is full of misinformation and lies, but then again socialism in America can only be sold to Americans in this manner, for Americans still believe in freedom. So America, donít buy the lie of socialism. Do not believe the Democrats when they assert that Barack Obama is the one or the key to saving America. Do not believe that the Republicans are at fault for all the ills of America. Do not believe that big government is the answer. Believe that America can only be saved if Americans demand freedom and less government. Believe that both parties are at fault for this mess that we are in. Believe that the federal government is not the friend to most Americans. Believe that limited government will unleash prosperity upon America like it has in the past. Reject socialism in all its forms no matter how it is painted or sculpted to look. Believe in the power of freedom and liberty just like our founding fathers did. The Democratic Party is the party of the victim. They rise and fall from power based on their ability to sell the belief that ďYou are a victimĒ and that the government is your only solution. This is the same tactic that Lenin and Stalin used to gain power in Russia. It is the formula that all socialists use. The irony of this formula is that if the people believe it, they will eventually become true victims of a totalitarian controlling government with a much lower standard of living, with rationing of basic goods and services, with fewer freedoms and liberties. So donít be a victim. Donít buy into the victim philosophy. If you do, and the party of the victim gets into power then your freedoms and liberties and prosperity will suffer.

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